433M无线红外探测器 人体感应器探头 報警器监控配件

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无线红外探测器 无误报学习码




Passive Infrared Detector Instruction


1.General Introduction


The product is the third generation wireless passive infrared detector, is composed with the low noise dual-components infrared set, absolute precise temperature compensation circuit,the low power consumption wireless transmission circuit and the fuzzy logic ASIC .


2. Main Features


1.Absolute precise temperature compensation circuit design keep the detect distance same no matter the circumstance change.


2.Intellectual logic analysis design, anti-misreport ability has been improved greatly.


3.Wireless structure, convenient for installation and maintenance.


4.Outside power supply DC9--12,can switch to battery mode and DC power mode.


5.New productsCompatible to most of control unit of current market


3. Technical specifications


Power supply3*1.5V AA alkalinity battery


Work currentstatic current <70uA    alarm current<10mA


Electricity self-checking: 5 seconds


Operating frequencies: 433.92MHz


Transmitting range:350m( no barrier )


Detect anglehorizen110°vertical90°


Detect distance8m(typical)


Low battery voltageWhen the battery voltage is lower than 3.0V, theIndicator has been on a red light, the detector doesn’t work until use up power consumption, so please replace battery (better replace within 24hrs).  


Trigger the alarm: the indicating lamp flashes for 1 second( weave detector activates damage alarm, also can be used as main host login);


Work mode15S modethe switch on the back to “5S”,Products is power on,Enter the work state.


              23M mode: the switch on the back to “3M”,Products is power off.




Fix the direction bracket on the wall and the height installed should be kept between 1.8-2.2m, put battery in the detectors and installed bracket, regulate detect angle to achieve best effect.


  1. a. electricity self-checking: the indicating lamp flashes once/second after electricity connection for 5s.<\/li>
  2. b. alarm activate: the indicating lamp flashes for 1 second<\/li>
  3. c. Low-voltage: the indicating lampLong bright red light.<\/li><\/ol>




    1.Don’t drop or hit the detector when installs to avoid damage internal sensor.


    2.Don’t touch the infrared sensor with hand in order to avoid dirt mirror surface.


    3.Avoid to using two or more detector as much as possible to avoid two detectors are triggered simultaneously and causes the main unit not to be able to receive the signal.


    4.Avoids surveying the moving objects like clothing, curtain and so on and keep far away objects may cause the temperature change such as the air conditioning, the ventilator, the refrigerator, the oven as far as possible.


    5.Keep away from metal object as much as possible to obtain the transmitting range.

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